Joni Nill

Joni Nill


About Joni Nill

The way I see it, your job is to focus on the excitement of the end result without having to manage all the details of a real estate transaction. The job of the Realtor is defined by relationships, support and skilled negotiation expertise. What I bring to the table is tenacity to wrangle the deal to completion. I understand that being accommodated and informed in the midst of a major life transition is crucial. Clients find me to be sensitive but direct in keeping them posted.

I can be distinguished from my colleagues in several ways. One is that I am native to the Eugene area, which makes for comfortable and informative home viewings in all of our neighborhoods. I know the area! Secondly, having done extensive personal real estate investing, I am comfortable checking the soundness of a home when we walk through it together. My ability to evaluate the quality and condition of home materials is honed from personal experience. Finally, let me admit that I am a mother hen. Run, Run for the hills if you dislike the “nurturing type” because that is what I am. I feel the thrill of putting someone into their perfect house. A hard sales type is not into the treasure hunt like I am. My advising and decision making are principled; even if the right course of action is disadvantageous to me, I will present all the information, explaining options and suggesting the best option given your situation and lifestyle. I treat clients like family and enjoy their company as we either sell their home or move through the process of buying a home. We have enough fun doing so that it is not uncommon for me to hear “Is it over?  Can we still hang out?”

A few details about my life and interests–I am married to the boy I knew in second grade. I am a proud mom of two grown daughters, son in law and new grandbaby, Halia. My family loves the outdoors and all that Oregon offers. I am not afraid of the dirt. I can be found enjoying my work in the garden, digging in the greenhouse, tackling the chickens and playing on my 4 acres of fun on the Willamette River.

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, feel free to contact me so we can discuss your situation. If you are comfortable with me, I will be very helpful taking it from there. This adventure of yours will start the moment you have a conversation with an expert, so get in touch! Let’s get this important life business done and having fun doing it.